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About us

WE help, consult, network, transfer, motivate, inform, support, do youth work



The Youth Migration Service Sangerhausen offers support and advice for young migrants in the District Mansfeld Südharz. It supports young people with the integration in the society of our district, especially in terms of education and job market.

Founded in 1990 the youth migration service (former name Jugendgemeinschaftswerk) works at the AWO. It employs two people, additionally 4 freelancers carrying out communication courses and support group offerings for migrants and their parents.


Activities of the Youth Migration Service are:

  • Social work related support of young migrants from 12 – 27 with a long-term residence permit and a positive prospect for a permanent residence as well as their parents
  •  Individual advice  of young migrants according to Case Management
  • Carrying out offers for further language training
  • Helping to look for a suitable apprentice training position or workplace
  • Carrying out social work group offerings 
  • The Youth Migration Service works together with all partners in the network integration of the District of Mansfeld Südharz
  • The Youth Migration Service has two vehicles, one car and one minibus for its work.
  • The staff of the Youth Migration Service can offer support and advice in English and Russian.
  • Besides its main office in Sangerhausen the Youth Migration Service is also located in Eisleben and Hettstedt.
  • Projects for intercultural openings are offered at schools for example.
  •  Young people will be accompanied before, during and after integration courses.