JMD Sangerhausen

JugendMigrationsDienst | Mansfeld-S├╝dharz

We help

We support you to improve your integration chances in our society. We help that all young people, equal which origin have the same social and professional chances in Germany. We support your participation in all areas of social, cultural and political life in our district.


We offer support with problems like:


  • School and training
  • Application and job entry phase, looking for work
  • Entry to study
  • Consultancy for recognition of professional qualifications
  • Language and social integration
  • Individual integration planning
  • Personal questions
  • Questions for livelihood
  • Authorities
  • Families
  • Family reunification
  • Leisure time - Culture and Sports
  • Living

Additionally we offer:

  • Transfer to other services and institutions
  • Translating German - Russian/Russian - German
  • Translating German - English/English - German